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Trade Stand and Sponsorships for the Berkshire Show

The world is full of traditional marketing agencies who take a monthly sum and do what they believe works.

What if there was another way? 

At Chain Digital we think there is, which is why we are piloting new partnership agreements with some of our customers. Yes, we ask that our costs are covered, but we also agree on goals and targets that if achieved means we get a bonus of some form. These goals can be a variety of targets ranging from an increase in lead generation through to the bottom line and more products being sold. 

In this way we will have a stake in the success of your business and as such will work harder than ever to ensure we both succeed. What does it mean for you? Less initial outlay and you only pay more if we make you more money. 

If this sounds interesting, why not call us to set up a meeting and see where can go from there. 

The latest News from Royal County of Berkshire Show

Prossecco tent at Berkshire Show

Since August 2018, we have been working in partnership with the Newbury and District Agricultural Society to help improve their offering both on and offline at the Royal County of Berkshire Show. 

We started with some mystery shopping activity at the show itself, feeding back to the CEO as an external pair of eyes givng the view of visitors. This has since developed into us becoming a part of the team with responsibility for the Trade Stands and Sponsorship packages. 

Not only do we deal with inbound enquiries, we are also building a local network of Berkshire-based businesses and attracting new sponsorships that will help ensure the sustainability of the show going forwards.

This is a new way of working for both of us with success leading to reward in both directions.

In the middle of July with two months to go until the show starts we have reached the same number of trade stands as the 2018 show. With a target of between 600-650 trade stands for the 2019 show we have a long way to go. What this prooves however is that our methodolgy works and the partnership with the show team works. Combining Email marketing, Social media, telesales and networking with the local chamber of commerce we can build something really powerful for the future of the show. 

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