Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Journey – Infographic

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Here at Chain Digital HQ, we are just hours from delivering our first seminar on e-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing and getting over excited. So we thought we should produce a bit of content to help our guests take the journey further. This Affiliate Marketing infographic shows the basic next steps that should be covered when you have decided that Affiliate Marketing is for you. 

You can start by researching the best Affiliate mArketing Network for your needs and see what their list of publishers is like. Once you have established the right network it is time to talk to their publishers and finding out who is best suited to proote your products to a new audience. The next step is to create the right promotional content to suit the requirements of the publisher and send it to the network and publishers. 

One of the most important parts of a successful Affilate Marketing programme is to keep in touch with your publishers. Remind them of any new products and special offers you are considering. This can be especially important at Christmas and other important seasonal times of the year.

To find out more about Affiliate Marketing then please give us a call. We will run you through, what it means, how it works and where to go from there. If you haven’t considered it before then do some Googling and see if it fits your brand and product. 


James experience of sales and marketing originates from working both agency and client side, but now as a business owner too. James runs a marketing agency working with SME's to help them grow their business using the latest digital technology. From the introduction of a CRM to manage leads through to social media training or using MailChimp to engage your database.

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