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To help your website rank well and increase leads and conversions, you need to have engaging and useful content. We can help!

“Content is King” or so the saying goes. In order to succeed online you should be creating content for your audience to both attract them to your website, keep them there and convert them into a customer. It is no longer a case of creating as much content as possible in the hope that something sticks, there are now over 1 billion blogs globally. That means with one blog per 7 people in the world, you need to think about how you can cut through the noise and make yours relevant and useful to your audience. You can do this in several ways:

For example “how-to guides” that build trust in your audience so that when they are ready to buy they already know you.

Show customers how your products work so that they know you care about them as future customers and will look after you.

Your customers value your opinion, which is why they chose you to supply them. Why not create content expressing your opinion on either your industry or the world around you. If your industry is in the news, then why not create content that shows how much you know and how much you care.

Infographics are a clever way of making complex information like statistics easy to understand. Simplifying the complex side of your business by turning the information into a graphic. Chain Digital can create infographics for you to use as content both on your website and for social media. Infographics are very easy to share and consume so will help your SEO efforts by encouraging others to share content with your branding on and a link to your website. 

Inforgraphic creation

These take a little bit longer to produce but if you have information that might prove valuable to your customers, then why not create a beautiful E-book or white paper that covers an entire topic. You can then hide this behind a lead capture form, so that your prospects get to download your white paper in exchange for their contact details. You can then use this data to market further to them via something like Mailchimp or Hubspot.

The most powerful voice in your business is actually your customers. If they are happy with your product or service they can be incredibly persuasive to your prospects. We can help by conducting interviews either as a written piece or even better using video. This has a side benefit for B2B customers as it raises their profile as well. 

Email marketing is still a very powerful tool. You may not be aware that you are sitting on years of customer information or how to get at it. This is where Chain Digital come in, we have helped many businesses gather information form multiple sources and put them into one safe place. You can then start to target them with messaging to bring them back or upsell.

One of the most important channels on social media is Video. You can capture this yourself on your phone and instantly post to Social channels or spend a little more on the budget and get Chain Digital to do the filming and editing for more valuable and serious pieces.

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