Modelling Services if Required?

Modelling Services if Required?

Sometimes the model just doesn’t turn up.

We were helping our clients with a photo shoot this summer and unfortunatley the model on offer had to leave after just an hour. Ever one to be the centre of attention, our very own James stepped into the limelight. This has lead to some amusing times at Chain Digital. Not just the rebuild of the Guillotine England website which fesatures pictures of James on every page. This is what happens when you leave him to build a site but he has also recently featured in a brochure for a local ballet event. The Hatch House Ballet takes place once a year under the stars just north of Shaftesbury. The Covent Garden Dance Company decend on Dorset and deliver old a new dances between dinner courses in a beautiful 17th Century Garden at Hatch House. 

Needless to say James got a lot of ribbing from friends and family who attended the event and Whats app has been filled with rude messages. So just remember if you are looking for a company that goes the extra mile then look no further than us. We not only provide human models but also dogs on request as we do for online pet shop


James experience of sales and marketing originates from working both agency and client side, but now as a business owner too. James runs a marketing agency working with SME's to help them grow their business using the latest digital technology. From the introduction of a CRM to manage leads through to social media training or using MailChimp to engage your database

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