Hubspot Launch FREE Email Marketing

Hubspot Launch FREE Email Marketing

Logginh in to Hubspot this morning gave me a little shock. Only yesterday was I telling a client that Hubspot don’t have a free offering for email marketing. You have to sign up to be able to use their system or use the integration with Mailchimp which has a free option. For start up businesses it is essential to keep costs down when using the huge variety of digital tools available to you. Mailchimp has always been our go to package for email and Hubspot as a CRM. 

As it was pointed out to me recently Hubspot is more about generating inbound leads but it also has a great CRM system. Now they have released the email marketing tool it jumps up a notch for us in term sof the power to communicate with your customers and partners via one system as opposed to jumping between platforms and having to log in and out etc.  

Today Hubspot officially announced the launch of their Email Marketing as part of the FREE offering. I do feel slightly for Mailchimp as this comes as another blow to their domination of emarketing after Shopify dropped them as a standard app  for their users. What is next for them, have they biten off more than they can chew with their new offerings of landng pages, facebook ads and other useful toys. 


James experience of sales and marketing originates from working both agency and client side, but now as a business owner too. James runs a marketing agency working with SME's to help them grow their business using the latest digital technology. From the introduction of a CRM to manage leads through to social media training or using MailChimp to engage your database

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