Google Analytics Training Today

Google Analytics Training Today

James is delivering his first of six online training sessions in conjunction with Enterprise Nation today. Entitled “How it works” the webinar will include an overview of what you can do with Google Analytics. How to understand the web traffic that visits your website and work out what works and what fails. If you are spending money on any form of advertising or marketing, do you know which channel works, how many sales you get from Facebook or  where are your newsletter sign ups come from. If not then you need to join the session. It starts at 2pm today and lasts for half an hour. 

The webinar is part of Enterprise Natiosn Productivity Heads up Campaign. Working with the government to understand the value of online and offline training so they can put the assistance and money where it works best. Sign up here:



James experience of sales and marketing originates from working both agency and client side, but now as a business owner too. James runs a marketing agency working with SME's to help them grow their business using the latest digital technology. From the introduction of a CRM to manage leads through to social media training or using MailChimp to engage your database

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