Fraudulent Warning on Shopify

Fraudulent Warning on Shopify

Using Shopify to sell your products online is becoming more and more popular. For just a small monthly invetsment you can set up your own shop in a matter of hours. Along with the usual shop, there are lots of features and apps you can use to improve both customer service and your own back end management. As part of our efforts to stay at the forefront of Ecommerce solutions we run several of our own online shops using different platforms so that we can both make a bit more money and keep up to date with the latest goings on at the coal face.

Unlike other agencies we learn the hard way, by having our own online shop we understand what works and what doesn’t, because if our work is failing then so is our bottom line as opposed to our clients. One of our shops is built on Shopify where we sell a variety of dog products online. The shop has been running for 4 months now and is generating a steady income for us as well as keeping our own dogs happy with the spare kit.

Enough of that, now onto the reason for this post. Last night we had our biggest order to date, a whopping £495 dog bed order. It is easy to get carried away with these things and there is nothing better than when your phone gives a satisfied grunt to let you know an order has been placed. As we know it is a bad world out there and we have to be aware of all sorts of fraud taking place. Luckily this is where SHopify come in. There Ecommerce system gives you a warning as to the liklyhood of a fraudulant shopping event. In this case not many people have 6 very large dogs so eyebrows could be rasied. Not just that but the Shopify system allows you to dig quite a bit further into the detail of the order. This includes information such as the IP address of where the roder was placed and where the shipping address is. Put two and two together and you can work out that the products are going somewhere different to the payment  location. Plus the shipping address is different to the Credit Card registered address. This would lead you to believe the chance of it being fraudulent is high. However with a little more digging we established the order had been placed at home by the owner of a a dog Parlour  in Birmingham. Having checked this out and given them a call we were happy to proceed with the order. 


What a SHopify Fraun Message look like
Fraudulent SHopify Customer Information

In summary, please be careful when it comes to exciting orders on your shopify platform. Always check the level of activity as displayed in your back end. In this case it was a happy ending and everyone is smiling. If you need help with your Shopify shop or any other online Ecommerce platform then call us because we may just have the experience to help solve your problems.  


James experience of sales and marketing originates from working both agency and client side, but now as a business owner too. James runs a marketing agency working with SME's to help them grow their business using the latest digital technology. From the introduction of a CRM to manage leads through to social media training or using MailChimp to engage your database

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