MailChimp Training Funnies

I couldn’t resist sharing this funny moment from Mailchimp training this morning. I know digital marketing isn’t usually a barrel of laughs, especially when importing a list from Excel but this is worth a quick mention.

The two words “excel” and “import” are not normally associated with good humour but this one is a winner. I was training one of our clients on Mailchimp this morning and we came across a cracking anomaly. We were importing her list from a .csv file into Mailchimp and in the first instance creating a new spreadsheet with the correct titles such as “First Name” and “Last Name”. My advice is to always gather both because then you can personalise each email through the use of merge tags. So that your email says Hi “John” or Hi “Mary” to make it more personal and therefore more liely to be opened.

This particular client has some very grand clientele including titled members of the aristocracy. I’m sure you gather if you put “Lord” into the First Name column what will happen next…

If you are interested in learning more about Mailchimp, importing lists and how to get the best open rates then why not talk to one of the team at Chain Digital. We can run a bespoke Mailchimp Training session at your place of work, or you could attend one of our seminars. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more.


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