Cricket Networking with England Greats

Cricket Networking with England Greats

Our contract with the Royal County of Berkshire Show includes a variety of opportunities for us to enjoy ourselves whilst working hard to boost show numbers. We are constantly networking throughout the Thames Valley region to raise awareness about the show and its commercial benefits to companies large and small. Last night was slightly different and involved our other passion of cricket and the chance to play with a couple of England greats. 

We were very lucky to be asked to play for the Society on the Chairman’s 11. Thank you Chris for the opportunity and of course having a special skipper of whom we are great fans in the form of Andrew Strauss. What a great way to spend a Thursday evening than taking orders from a true great of the game. 

Opting to bat, Jim opened the batting and managed to keep his wicket intact and retire on the joint top score of 23 with a couple of fours and a sublime 6 over long off. Reliable as ever Rupert opted as ever to do the most important job and took up pen and paper to ensure we won by scoring for the game. A chill breeze ensured he remained frozen for the majority of the evening but still avoided any scoreboard tampering by the opposition. 

Terrified of bolwing 6 wides in front of such a large audience, Jim opted to wicket keep and saved his blushes by taking a couple of catches, helping to reign in the opposition who lost by 24 runs. It was lovely to meet Mr Strauss and see him in action. One  thing of which you can be cretain is that those England boys know how to catch , no matter how far the ball seems to be away from them.  Thank you to the Chairman and the rest of the team especially scorer Brown. 


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