The majority of business owners have invested heavily in their website and other marketing material. What then happens is a desire to do more but time and knowledge is short. That is where we come in, Chain Digital can help turn your website from a cost burden into a lead generation machine. Combining this with other activity like, email marketing and social media campaigns we can enable fast growth across your business. At Chain digital we believe you should be able to “have your cake and eat it”. What do we mean? Well, running your own business can sometimes be a real struggle and we know this from years of first hand experience. There is never enough time or money to get everything you want done. 

The Chain Digital team are regulars at networking events across the South West and can be found devouring regular full English breakfasts with Chambers around the region. This includes membership of the Institute of Directors, Enterprise Nation and the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce as well as being the Official Ecommerce Partner for Visit Somerset.

We always ensure we get the most out of any opportunity to benefit our clients, this has included visits to Number 10 Downing Street and even a trade mission to Singapore.

For the past 6 years Jim & Rupert have been responsible for the running their own cricket team in North Dorset. As anyone who plays cricket knows getting 11 players onto a field on a Sunday is often compared to invading Russia so they are used to getting the best from their players and employees!

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